martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

More Links
In this link you can find different songs for teaching children. They are separated for subjects; you can listen, buy or download them. If you want to teach kids it is a useful tool.
In this link you will find very important information for advanced learners. It includes Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, business English, listening, videos, and quizzes related to wild animals, bees, and phrasal verbs. This is a great link that will help the students to improve their knowledge.
This is a link called Learn English Online, where you can find free EFL/ESL course for beginners. In there you will find eleven units with some lessons with different topics that include some games. These English lessons are aimed at the beginner although people with a little experience of English may find some parts.

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  1. Ele, as I am a teacher, your links are really useful for me. They give me ideas to develop an interesting class. :)